The Norton Anthology

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The Norton Anthology of English Litrichure
Names: Masa-chan and Kino-chan
Livejournals: masatchi and kinokohitotsu

1. CREDIT CREDIT CREDIT. Please make sure to credit either the community or the user.
2. NO HOTLINKING. Please. We beg you. Don't do it. Don't go to the dark side.
3. DO NOT REPOST OR MODIFY. That's stealing. It's not yours, please don't.
4. Hah. Sorry. No rule 4. Nor 5. Nor 6. In fact, skip down to rule 42. Why? Because we wanted to. And 42 is a good number to end on.
42. FLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME. As in, DON'T FLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME. We are aware that we're not perfect. Or close to it. We, after all, are human. ...Probably... Constructive criticism is fine- more than welcome, in fact- but flaming isn't. So don't. It makes you look like a 3 year old and after a day or two it just makes us laugh.

There are two jokes somewhere in this community. One in the profile and one in the name and profile. Can you find them? HALF HINT: They're obscure!!! Why? Because Masa-chan likes making jokes that no one gets. Layout by ohcodey
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